Company Profile

Our company was founded in 1967. In the early days, we only focused on aluminum die-casting molding processing. We adhered to the spirit of "technology-oriented", "stable quality", "strict delivery" and hard work and innovation, and gained recognition from customers, laying the foundation for our company. the basis for current development. Established a mold department to produce die-casting molds and zinc alloy parts.


In order to pursue long-term business development and move towards rapid, small-volume and diversified production technology, we adjusted our business strategy in the 1970s and established a mold department to specialize in the development of (aluminum/zinc) die-casting molds, thereby accumulating professional technology and improving product self-production. Rate.


In 1979, due to the changes in the domestic industrial environment and in response to the strict requirements of OEM manufacturers, we worked hard to automate/rationalize production and strengthen quality awareness. In addition to stabilizing the existing automobile/motorcycle parts market, we also actively expanded The field of aviation equipment lays the foundation for the company's future development and sustainable management.


Company history


Established in Taipei, Taiwan, dealt with die casting of car and motorcycle parts for meeting the needs of maintenance parts in domestic / overseas markets.



The mold department was established, and 3D/CAD/CAM/CNC was used to produce zinc and aluminum die-casting molds.



Changed company name into Lege-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing die casting molds for OEM car parts.



Moved into new plant, and manufacturing die casting molds for OEM motorcycle part products.



Attained ISO9002 certificate (Taiwan).



Established secondary process production line and assembly line for uplifting product stability.



China branch - Tien Din Metal Works Co., Ltd. established in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China and started operation in June. Manufacturing auto lock molds and die castings



China Branch obtained ISO9002 certificate.



Established Vietnam branch in Bac Ninh.

Item of business: mold, zinc/aluminum die-casting, stamping, plastic molding/ painting/ electroplating and related post processing



Starting mass production. Lege Vietnam obtained ISO9002 certificate.



Lege Vietnam obtained IATF16949 certificate



Lege Vietnam obtained ISO140012015 certificate.